Wojciech Bońkowski
Wine & tea writing

Touring Dalmatia: Korčula

The Croatian isle of Korčula and its leading wine: the white Pošip.

Touring Dalmatia: Grk

Grk, an ancient grape saved from phylloxera and abandon on the island of Korčula.

Touring Dalmatia: Pelješac

A stunningly beautiful place, Pelješac also produces Dalmatia’s best red wines from the Plavac grape.

Touring Dalmatia: Konavle

Once the source of Croatia’s worst wine, Dubrovnik is now slightly progressing.

Dalmacija Wine Expo: trip to Hvar

Day 3 of my stay in Dalmatia: a tour of the wine island of Hvar.

Dalmacija Wine Expo, day 1

Dalmacija Wine Expo: first impressions & photos of this wine fair in Croatia.

Mountain Wine

Central heating and how it changes the perception of wine.

Mendek Plavac Sv. Jakov 2006

Another exciting wine from Croatia. Rethinking its commercial warhorse: jammy Shiraz-like Plavac Mali.

Duboković Moj Otok 2008

Reductive Loire Chenin Blanc, oxidised vin jaune from the Jura, and Indian curry. What’s that wine?

Clai Sv. Jakov 2009

Clai Sv. Jakov Malvazija 2009 – another stunning ‘alternative’ white wine from Croatia. Skin contact and limestone terroir give a wine of astounding depth of flavour.