Wojciech Bońkowski
Wine & tea writing

Best wines of ProWein 2016

The emotional moments of ProWein—from Champagne to 100-point vintage port!

Savour Australia Day 5: Treasures at Treasury

A post-Savour day at Treasury Wine Estates: spectacular wines from Coldstream Hills & Penfolds + 50 others.

International Wine Challenge

International Wne Challenge: how to run a good wine competition.

Petro Vaselo: promising Romania

New kid on the block: brilliant Merlot and Pinot Noir offers glimpse of hope for Romania.

Livio Felluga Sossò 2000

Orange wine works great with goose; world-class Merlot from Italy.

Serradenari: Barolo goes sexy

These might well the fruitiest Nebbiolos I’ve ever tasted.

The wines of Kai Schubert

Six fine New Zealand wines by Kai Schubert. Burgundy is closer than you’d think.

2011 Pannon Bormustra winners

2011 edition of the Pannon Bormustra was meant to give a new lease of life to this respected Hungarian competition – and it did. The 48 winners confirm this.

2011 Pannon Bormustra competition

A lightning visit to Budapest to taste the 48 wines awarded at the 2011 Pannon Bormustra competition: hopefully the crème de la crème of Hungarian wine.

Refreshing Austria

The annual Austrian wine tasting in Warsaw brings a major surprise: the zesty, vibrant, mineral red wines of Leithaberg. Totally obscure 10 years ago, now awarded with its own DAC classification, and the hottest address in vinous Austria.