Wojciech Bońkowski
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Produttori del Barbaresco Riservas 2011

2011 is a historical vintage at this overperforming co-op.

Barolo & Barbaresco 2005: difficult

Always challenging to taste, how are 2005 Barolo & Barbaresco drinking after a decade?

My Barbaresco report

My 32-page Barbaresco report, the largest ever in English language, is now published.

Barolo 2003: drink up

My analysis of Barolo 2003 retrospective (56 wines): some good wines, but drink up.

Barolo bliss

Barolo bliss: how I got lost, knocked on a door and there was a 1988 being poured.

Punset & Ciabot Berton: two verticals

A double vertical of Punset Barbaresco and Ciabot Berton Barolo 1998-2008.

Morassino: serious Barbaresco

Cascina Morassino: 2002–2009 vertical of brilliant (and great value) Barbaresco.

Much sun, no fun

Barbaresco 2009 is not a great vintage. Too little fruit, and no drinking fun.

Nebbiolo Prima 2012

Kicking off Nebbiolo Prima, the new vintage presentation of Barolo & Barbaresco. Make sure you follow my daily updates!

Poderi Colla: history speaks

Live blogging from Piedmont, part 12. I drink a piece of Piedmont history at Poderi Colla, founded by Beppe Colla who pioneered single-vineyard wines in the 1970s. Click to find out how Dolcetto can ever be better than Barbaresco.