Wojciech Bońkowski
Wine & tea writing

Home-made tea

Home-made tea: comparing yellow tea hand-kneaded at home with the real thing. Surprising!

New shoots

A small plug for a promising new tea import company.

2010 Shanlinshi Hungshui

Last tea of my Taiwanese oolong week: 2010 Shanlinshi, the true Montrachet of tea.

2010 Lishan

Part 3 of my high mountain oolong tea overview: 2010 Lishan, a Chablis Grand Cru of a tea.

2010 Dayuling

Part 2 of my 2010 high mountain oolong tea overview: Dayuling, the most prestigious tea appellation.

2010 Alishan

Reviewing a series of 2010 mountain teas from Teamasters. Is Alishan the Puligny of tea?

Spring in autumn

Two new releases from teamaster Lao Ming. Likely the best I’ve tasted from him yet.

Dancong 1994–1997

Dancong (Phoenix oolong) is one of the most distinctive teas. Exhuberant in youth, it also ages well, as this tasting of examples from 1994, 1996 and 1997 proves.

Oriental Beauty vertical

The Pétrus of tea: three vintages of Teamasters’ Oriental Beauty.

Lao Ming x 2011 x 3

I continue my exploration of Lao Ming’s teas. After underwhelming 2010s, here are some fine 2011 oolongs.