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Touring Dalmatia: Korčula

The Croatian isle of Korčula and its leading wine: the white Pošip.

Touring Dalmatia: Grk

Grk, an ancient grape saved from phylloxera and abandon on the island of Korčula.

Touring Dalmatia: Konavle

Once the source of Croatia’s worst wine, Dubrovnik is now slightly progressing.

Paşaeli: Turkish star

Karalahna, Yapıncak and Çalkarası: just a few of the local gems produced by Paşaeli, star Turkish winery.

Turkish wine: the boutique wineries

Boutique wineries in Turkey: the best addresses and top bottles.

Turkish wine: the big players

Turkey’s 5 large wineries. My summary of tasting at the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

Good morning Turkey

First day in Izmir for the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference. But you need to be stubborn to enjoy wine in Turkey.

Ettore Germano: the inquiring mind

Ettore Germano: always asking questions and seeking answers.

Rolet Poulsard 1983

A great, timeless bottle of red.

Wine from nowhere

Perhaps my most exotic tasting ever: 3 bottles from Albania. And actually a good surprise: drinkable and interesting stuff.