Wojciech Bońkowski
Wine & tea writing

Tea from North Korea

Tasting a tea from North Korea. It’s really good. But is it genuine?

Home-made tea

Home-made tea: comparing yellow tea hand-kneaded at home with the real thing. Surprising!

New shoots

A small plug for a promising new tea import company.

2008 Huangshan Maofeng

Huangshan Maofeng, a delicious and superbly inexpensive green tea.


Awabancha – a rare and odd tea from Japan. Fermented like puer, it seems to go against the Japanese philosophy of purity and freshness.

Wine and tea (2)

Wine and tea: they actually have a lot in common. In the second installment of this seminal article I look at the production process of wine and tea and how possibly they can be similar.

Lifespan of tea

Tea is perishable. Green tea doesn’t age. Drink your Japanese sencha within a few weeks. Lies, all lies.

The lure of Korean tea

Three Korean teas on the tea table – more than I normally sample in a year.

In Portugal (8): Tea from the Azores

The only tea produced in Europe comes from Portugal’s Azores islands. I taste the green and black teas of the leading tea estate here, Gorreana.

Shu Chen Lang Hua et al.

Tasting four Chinese green teas sourced directly from farmers. Tongue-twisting names and refreshing tastes.